AM 20 Full Body Massage Chair

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Deluxe Zero Gravity Massage Chair


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Beige & Carbon Grey, Beige & Maroon

37 reviews for AM 20 Full Body Massage Chair

  1. Mansoorali Khan

    I purchased the AURA CAPSULE from RELIFE. It was very good, I bought 2 already, it could be great if there cover can stand longer. Overall I am happy with Relife product.

  2. Shreyansi Biswal

    Product and service are very good. I have been using their foot massager for many years. Buy a new one Aura Capsule massage Chair today. It’s very pretty and powerful product.

  3. Michael Sami

    I have not one but 2 RELIFE Massage chairs. They are now more than 10 years old but still function more or less as they originally did. They give a very robust and thorough massage to the back and neck and we use at least one of them almost every day. There are lots of different programs that can be chosen so it is very versatile and you can increase or decrease the strength of the pressure as needed. I especially like the zero gravity feature. The chairs are very happy so fortunately we don’t need to move them around too much. the only design flaw that I have come across is that the leg and buttock pressure comes from inflated bags and the plastic connectors become brittle and break easily. However I have been able to repair these myself using low-cost items and without too much trouble. All in all I can say that although these machines are expensive they are worth every penny and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who like me does quite a lot of physical exercise.

  4. Mariappan K S

    Great quality product. Fast delivery and nice service!

  5. Gopalakrishna Damodar

    The Aura massage chair is amazing . This massage chair has unique settings that allows you to have massage at home just like a professional hand massage in a store. This chair have different settings that allow you to enjoy different type of massage from weak to strong. highly recommended this brand.

  6. Jyothi Naroona

    Very good after sell service as staff at Bangalore are more than happy to help.

  7. Jai Prakash

    RELIFE – Best massage chair on the market! Been looking for awhile!! Really great quality massage chair. Relief my back pain for years. I use it everyday now! my parents love it as well!

  8. Manu G

    This massage chair is amazing and its the best I have on a tired drained out day. I love to sit on it and get massages. The entire unit is very comfortable and luxurious with a great foot massage combined. I feel pampered after using it. The vibration speed, rolling motion along with the recline is just fine. It is as if the AURA CAPSULE chair is done for me, as it massages my pain points subtly and feel refreshed after using it.

  9. Ananya Mishra

    What i love the most is it looks like a business class seat, and with the foot massage, and it’s so match with my home furniture in the living room. The best massage program are the hip and butt and neck and shoulder, which can accurately massage my pain point with 5 levels of intensity adjustment.

  10. Dolly Cressida

    Literally the best massage chair I have ever owned. Never had a issue at all, love the stretch function, and the night time massage puts me to sleep!! I would defiantly recommend to others. I have had 3 friends buy the same after they tried my chair ! It’s probably the best out there!

  11. Diya Singh

    This amazing body chair equipped with powerful back, head, buttock, and leg massage feature.

  12. Simran Singh

    An amazing body massage chair which is designed for everyone irrespective of their body types.

  13. Gita Kumari

    An amazing body massage chair which is designed for everyone irrespective of their body types.

  14. Dinesh Kumar

    Combination of massage techniques in this chair is really very awesome.. So relief😌.

  15. Shyla Sharma

    This chair offers wide roller coverage with various functions of body massages to do relax.

  16. No u Sharma

    For complete relaxation AM 20 Full Body Massage Chair is must buy product definitely.

  17. Amar Shah

    It helps in stretching the entire body to provide relief to tired muscles completely.

  18. Ananya Roy

    This massage chair is a soothing device that gives you great value for money.

  19. Tamia

    AM 20 Full Body Massage Chair is made especially for your relaxation. It is value for money product. Definitely buy it.

  20. Nila Chatteriee

    AM 20 Full Body Massage Chair is designed with various sets of massage mechanisms.

  21. Agastya agate

    This recliner full body massaging chair is designed out of supreme quality leather that gives an elegant finish. It’s very comfortable too.

  22. Aaditi

    AM 20 Full Body Massage Chair delivers massage proven to help minimize stress and body pain.

  23. Ganesh Kumar

    To reduce body pain, stress and remove stiffness and tension, this AM 20 Full Body Massage Chair is here for you.

  24. Sanjuuu

    This is a really compact chair, I like this chair features and massaging mechanism.

  25. Sanjay

    Product as such is amazing. Comes with some really amazing features which gives you extreme comfort.

  26. Nikita Singh

    Very strong powerful massager. Neck and back massage is excellent. Must purchase!

  27. Rohit Kumar

    The best thing of this chair is you can control the massage intensity and target specific areas of body you want to massage.

  28. Ritesh Vera

    Nice one at the price and helps a lot to control body pains.

  29. Emran Singh

    Excellent product in this price range. I have been looking for such product from many days and fully satisfied with its performance.

  30. Sanket Kumar

    The massage strength can be adjusted per personal needs. Chair is perfect for our massaging use.

  31. Wedi

    Very very good product: I have impressed and like this product very much.

  32. Yashica Singh

    The perfect home massage, robust and perfectly dimensioned to fit in a regular house

  33. Durga Singh

    Compact and well built chair massage for extremely smooth body massaging.

  34. Tiya Verma

    Excellent product in this price range. Product delivered within 3 days..Just plug and use.

  35. Hitesh Kumar

    The product does offer you the basic full body massage. Budget friendly cost..

  36. Farhan Anwer

    Amazing time of delivery. Product is absolutely good. So relaxing and comfortable.

  37. Aman rana

    Overall a good product at a very competitive pricing. Various massaging options available.

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