ROYALE XTREME – 8G Full Body Massage Chair

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Deluxe Zero Gravity Massage Chair


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93 reviews for ROYALE XTREME – 8G Full Body Massage Chair

  1. Rose Tirkey

    One of the best choices I’ve made to buy from them . Their after sales service is really good and their products are really affordable and of a good quality

  2. Saurabh Singh

    Shopping at relife is trustworthy as they are really good in giving right guidance about the product and Technology is smooth working. WOW! You hear the phrase “you get what you pay for” but in this case you get MORE than what you pay for.As i purchased 4D Plus Massage Chair as it looks very nice and has many features all of which are amazing which was easy to assemble, has a very user friendly remote, and all around is a wonderful product. I wasn’t sure what to expect for the price, but this was beyond what I imagined. It completely massages every muscle and has left me to the point of not even noticing any pain at all. I highly recommend to buy massage chairs at Relife Healthcare Equipments.

  3. Angel Cynthia

    Very smart and helpful for all age..My 83 years old father is fully satisfied including me and my son..
    Value for money…

  4. Mohd. Salman

    Warm & Relaxing Chair. Will Surely Recommend This For Home Or Office Use

  5. Jagannath Nanda

    We are using in our office . timely service and delivery. Highly recommend

  6. Dinesh Kumar

    Great service and product worth the price I’m a happy and satisfied customers

  7. Alok Agarwal

    A great product and quick delivery! Highly recommended.

  8. Shabeena Begum

    Well Made Product Also It’s So Comfortable And Also They Are Stress Reliever

  9. Ahsan Azmi

    Great product, very comfortable and easy to operate and will give your body full relief.

  10. Syed Umar

    This our third purchase for our office we are very happy with the service

  11. Kalinga Singh

    This chair gives more relief. I can feel this whenever I sit on this.

  12. Yuvraj Kumar

    This luxury chair is great buy for my patients. They love this chair because it’s super warm and relaxing.

  13. Muskan Singh

    Fully digital and remote control. I would recommend to buy this amazing chair.

  14. Imran khan

    All in one chair! Full body massage chair with more comfortable and relaxing.

  15. Khushi Singh

    This one is very smart and digital massage chair. Multiple massage options available.

  16. Prithvi raj

    Quality is top class of this chair. Fabric used on this chair made it more flexible and give more satisfaction.

  17. Ranbir kapoor

    I ordered ROYALE XTREME – 8G through online from official website. Great purchased. It’s very well made massage chair

  18. Farhan Akhtar

    Best massage chair ever purchased! Super functions and relaxing💆.. I love this product.

  19. Vikram Kumar

    No more pain! Get this chair you’re all pain will be vanished.

  20. Yash Roy

    Must buy chair! After I bought this chair my all pain problems are totally gone. Thank you!

  21. Farhan rasool

    Worth the money spent on this chair! This chair comes with very nice quality and more relaxing😙

  22. Rahul Gandhi

    Happy with the purchase! This chair is absolutely great. Very relaxing chair this is..

  23. Rahul Dev

    I love this product. It’s gives us very comfort with the all amazing features.

  24. Rahul Dev

    I love this product. It’s gives us very comfort with the all amazing features.

  25. Ritesh singh

    It’s a very well made chair and we bought it from official website. Got it with more discount.

  26. Emran Singh

    This is a full body massage chair which costing is litte bit lower than others. Give me more comfortable.

  27. Virat kunal

    It’s so comfortable smart chair. Using this chair since long time and my experience is awesome.

  28. Kunal kumar

    Very satisfied with the product received.. It’s worth the money too.

  29. Billu Singh

    Very good product! Made with very good quality fabric and all smart features.

  30. Dipika Singh

    ROYALE XTREME – 8G is a must buy chair for all whose want give their body more comfort.

  31. Sanaya irani

    This chair has top class and luxury facilities which gives you next level comfort.

  32. Avinash Kumar

    Who has pain on any parts of the body this chair is very helpful for them. They’ll give next level comfort and relaxing on this chair.

  33. Yami gautam

    Who has pain on any parts of the body this chair is very helpful for them. They’ll give next level comfort and relaxing on this chair.

  34. Ritesh kumar

    Purchased at decent cost and it’s a great buy. This ROYALE XTREME – 8G is very awesome and relaxing.

  35. Imran khan

    Buy this product you’ll be happy. Now it’s available at a great cost. Grab it!

  36. Ritesh roy

    I ordered ROYALE XTREME – 8G. Many massages options available only on one chair. That’s awesome.

  37. Latif Singh

    My parents love this chair. For all this chair is must be recommend. It’s value for money too.

  38. Vimaan kumud

    Worth the money and every parts of body will be massage when you’ll sit on this chair.

  39. Himesh Singh

    Comfortable is top of the level. Available all digital options to organize.

  40. Himanushu Singh

    I’m very with the comfort level of this ROYALE XTREME – 8G chair. I would recommend to others.

  41. Binisma roy

    ROYALE XTREME – 8G is a type of chair which gives you full body messaging just sitting on chair with digital features.

  42. Shyla Sharma

    It is the best and professional full body massaging chair. Build quality is super.

  43. Dinesh Kumar

    Lather used to make this chair is such a great lather, it gives so 😌comfort.. Must buy.

  44. Gita Kumari

    Product and service are very good. I have been using their foot massager for long time. And it has been great.

  45. Billu Verma

    I’m really happy with product purchased from relife. Faster delivery and quick installation.. Great features

  46. Sanjuuu

    This chair has function to estimate the muscles of the calf part deeply.

  47. Wedi

    Good chair! Should go for this one! Buying it from company relife and it is value for money.

  48. Abhijeet Kumar

    I’m very really happy to see the quality and performance of the chair ..Happy with the purchased.

  49. Diya Singh

    Excellent machine and excellent Services ..go for it definitely.

  50. Mehruek

    One of the best investments you can ever make. It gives you next level comfort with option of full body massaging.

  51. Om Singh

    This chair relaxes whole body in only 1 session of 20 minutes. That’s really awesome.. Recommend to all.

  52. Latif Kumar

    ROYALE XTREME – 8G Full Body Massage Chair is a very luxury product which is for full body massaging.

  53. Chirag Singh

    Great quality product received from relife. Thanks for build this such an amazing chair.

  54. Jeetu Kumar

    This massage chair has great features to massage your every mussels of the body parts.

  55. Verra Singh

    I am satisfied and it’s an amazing product. Very very happy. It’s met my expectation.

  56. Karan Verma

    Relife is such a great brand which manufacturers some great luxury chairs which are just great product.

  57. Zain anwer

    Really great quality massage chair. Multiple function and easy to operate.

  58. Binu

    My body pain is no more after I got this product. Really it’s very helpful purchased for me. Great massaging chair!

  59. Ishana Sharma

    If you suffering from body pain and get relief from it then I’ll suggest buy ROYALE XTREME – 8G Full Body Massage Chair. It will be awesome for you.

  60. Gauri Singh

    Deep Tissue Massage Mechanism is available on it.. You’ll feel it when you’ll use it..

  61. Gautam Kumar

    The body massage chair machine for home is designed with multiple controls that make the massage chair best in the market

  62. Aarti Gautami

    The ultimate massage experience you’ll feel after you sit on this chair.

  63. Suneet Kumar

    High-Class and Extravagant Massage Lounger! I love this product and I’m very happy to bought it.

  64. Sonu Verma

    The massage chair with multiple massage technique offers the ultimate massage experience for an active life.

  65. Kriti Singh

    It supports different massage features for different parts of your body.

  66. Ayush kumar

    It’s also one of the best massage chairs for home as it comes with a full body recliner.

  67. Bideyndra

    Overall great product purchased from relife at a very good cost and great service received.. This ROYALE XTREME – 8G Full Body Massage Chair is awesome and recommend to all to purchased it.

  68. Sunil Kumar

    Buy this amazing chair, it will bring you supreme massage experience.

  69. Anil Singh

    This body Massage Chair Recliner designed for relieve pain and stiffness on muscle.

  70. Chirag Singh

    Multiple auto massages programs which makes you very comfortable.

  71. Anita Verma

    This chair provide great massage experience and healthy service for your whole body and accelerate blood circulation.

  72. Santosh Kumar

    This massaging Chair can make back massage accurately positioned.

  73. Sanjay Singh

    It’s give comfort ease fast improving experience massage…

  74. Rajesh Kumar

    The top class massage chair is pre loaded with multiple massaging operations.

  75. Tia Sharma

    This is an inbuilt mechanism which facilitates accurate positioning of shoulder for enhanced massage experience.

  76. Om Singh

    The chair has an inbuilt feature which facilitates effective in warming the back muscles for an enhanced level of comfort.

  77. Kumari Kajal

    The massage chair’s efficient functionality is powered by a set of smart rollers.

  78. Raj Nandani

    The luxury massage chair is powered by a set of vertically movable, four wheel driven muted intelligent massage hands.

  79. Gita Verma

    An ultra-luxurious massage chair that’s a seamless blend of massaging

  80. Rohan Kumar

    It’s a great product with amazing customer care.

  81. Roshan Roy

    It’s a very great product..My family members just love it.

  82. Jaya Singh

    Really proud of myself for spending on this amazing chair. Good investment..

  83. Wedi

    Good product,arrived with nice package.very Good massage chair with back heating..

  84. Kunal Kumar

    Nice,comfortable chair which has many programmed modes.

  85. Zain

    High quality massage chair excellent options really helping my sciatica.

  86. Ritesh Pandey

    Great customer service follow up calls and on-site assembly..

  87. Aman Rana

    Fantastic massage chair..Just got it installed…,,. Very prompt customer care service..

  88. Himesh Yadav

    It’s an amazing chair …. very relaxing … love the features ….. amazing product

  89. Nia Sharma

    My first purchase from relife company.It was worth buying. Very comfortable and easy resemble.

  90. Mahesh Pandit

    Easy installation..Good product..Nice comfort.. Must purchase.

  91. Mohit Kumar

    Brought it one month back. Working as expected.. Worth the every penny spend.

  92. Jitendra Singh

    Nice product.Very comfortable.. Very affordable too.

  93. Jitu raj

    Very comfortable chair…fantastic and very relaxing. Go for it

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