The Difference Between 2D, 3D & 4D Massage

When customers are thinking about buying a massage chair, this is among the most often asked questions. When customers are attempting to figure out what a chair does and why while navigating websites, articles, and other materials, it might be perplexing. Simply put, we’re going to deconstruct it into simple terms so that you, as a consumer, may view our variety with confidence that you are equipped with solid knowledge, which results in another satisfied customer.

Commence at the beginning. We’re talking about the movements of the rollers in your massage chair, whether it’s a 2D, 3D, or 4D. When massage chairs were initially developed, they used 2D massage technology, which meant that they moved up, down, and left to right while treating the body as a flat, two-dimensional plane. Your neck through your glutes were massaged as though they were a flat surface with the push of a button. Initially, this was acceptable because there was no technology to allow customers to compare it to anything else.

In the future, the idea of a 3D massage was developed. Retailers of massage chairs were able to sell massage chairs that offered “Human like Massages” as a result of the 3D massage. Along with moving up, down, and left to right, 3D also travels in and out at different depths, or intensity. Intensity can now be changed by moving the rollers forward for more intensity or backward for less intensity. Customers could now modify the strength of their massage to suit their demands. The level of muscle penetration during a massage can now be extended to as much as 13 cm.

Then came the 4D massage, a notion that was groundbreaking since it allowed clients to speed up how quickly the rollers administered the massage. The customer has much more control over how the massage is administered with 4D massage and may efficiently tailor elements to meet their particular demands. While one person using a massage chair might favour a deep, strong, and quick massage, another person might prefer a slow, gentle, and restful massage. Each user can experience a completely unique massage on the same chair thanks to the customization.

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